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okay so you say it's bad to date a co-worker. Should I break up with my boyfriend of 9 months who i met a my job and who I continue to work with almost every day???? You know a lot of people meet their future partners at work. If you work at the same place you probably have similar schooling and interests career wise, so you'll have a lot in common

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Now if your bf cheated on you guess who you’d have to work with everyday? The man you can’t even stomach to be around. You’d create tension in the entire workplace and you won’t get a kind response from your boss. Hell, just if anything happened between you two you’d be forced to deal with him everyday. I’m not saying workplace relationships wouldn’t work. Because they are the most likely relationship that’ll lead to marriage with being introduced by a friend in second. However the chances of marriage are STILL under 15%. Which means your relationship still has a 85% chance of failing. So you must ask yourself if we broke up what could be potentially lost? Well if he was just introduced by a friend, you just lost him. But what if that person was actually your supervisor, or friend of the supervisor, or hell just himself (coworker)? Someone that potentially hates you now and you see everyday(even if they don’t it’ll still be hard)…You’d be put in a awful situation in anyone of these. And yes, you will be subjected to one of these situations. So I discourage it entirely. The people that want to date a coworker will. But my job is to tell you the option that won’t land you in a shit storm. While the workplace relationship has the highest success rate (which is still low as hell) I can’t recommend it because your chance of being in a workplace shitstorm if it ends is far greater than someone you met through a friend. You have an 85% chance of being in a workplace shitstorm…I can’t recommend anyone to that purely because of the vast and maybe permanent repercussions of the relationship failing. Trust me, everything I tell everyone has been thought out methodically.

This bugs me. I usually like his advice, but telling someone not to date someone just because they work together is silly.

Workplace relationships can be successful but the key to it is maturity from bit participants.

If your boyfriend cheats on you, he isn’t mature. If you guys break up amicably then you both should be mature enough to handle the situation.

I’ve had a workplace relationship before. We both liked each other a lot but after a while we decided that it wasn’t for us, so we parted ways and never once had a problem at work after that. And that was when I was 22.

So date who you want, be mature about it and be selective about who you date. Get to know them first.
All this you should be doing anyway regardless if it is a work relationship or a non-work relationship.

I would hate to know that this women met the man of her dreams whom she shared similar interests and goals with only to be uncertain about it because someone is telling her that dating a coworker will end in a ‘shitstorm’.


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